3-pcs Babyset

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Small children and eating without making a mess? Most parents know about it. Rosti Mepal luckily also.

The bowl of this babyset has a rim running out a little broader, so that you can hold the bowl comfortably and secure in your hand while feeding your child.

The shape of the spoon (stainless steel) ist just right for the small mouth with big appetite. Thanks to its shape and lightweight the handle is perfect for every child's hands.

The non-breakable trainer mug is simple to clean and the special spout spares the young children’s fragile set of teeth.

Material of bowl: melamine:

- dishwasher safe, not for microwave, not for deep freezer, min Temp -25 ° C, max temp +180 ° C, very scratch-resistant and heat-resistant
Material of spoon handle: ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-Styro-polymer): dishwasher safe, not microwave suitable, min Temp -20 ° C, max temp +80 ° C, impact proof and stiff

Material of mug:
- upper part - PP - Polypropylene: dishwasher safe, suitable for microwave (max. 110°C), suitable for freezer, max. Temp. + 120 °C, high stability
- under part - SAN (Styro acrylonitrile copolymer), dishwasher safe, microwave-suitable upto max. 80°C, min temp. -20°C, max temp. +90°C, scratch-proof, rigidly and highly shining

Additional product information

Height 150 mm
Length 160 mm
Width 141 mm

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