Mepal - Storage


Mepal - Storage

Mepal has a great variety of functional plastic storage boxes of all shapes, sizes and colours to make any kitchen look smart and well organised. Our shop has the classic Modula boxes for storing dried foods such as pasta and rice and the Stora range has fridge containers for cheese and cold cuts. Special boxes for coffee pads and tea bags are also available.

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Mepal - Butter Dish

Product no.: 1060935

Mepal - Butter Dish - The Rosti Mepal Butter Dish is the perfect accent to any kitchen table.


5.99 *

Mepal - Coffee Pad Box

Product no.: rm1067900

Mepal - Coffee Pad Box - To store up to 24 coffee pads.


5.99 *

Mepal - Storage containers Harmonica

Product no.: Harmonica

Mepal - Storage containers Harmonica - Are extremely handy for the storage of crisp bread, cookies, cakes and biscuits.

Mepal - Hydro Herbs Pots

Product no.: 1086100

Mepal - Hydro Herbs Pots - For fresh herbs - Cotton cord controls water dosage - different colors

9.99 *

Mepal - Hydro Herb Pot Twin

Product no.: 108616091200

Mepal - Hydro Herb Pot Twin - For two different herb plants - Cotton cord dispenses water supply - different colors

14.99 *

Mepal - Stora Storage Box white

Product no.: 106719030600

Mepal - Stora Storage Box - For storing crispbread - Clarity and insight.



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31 - 36 of 36 results