Campus Pop-Up Drinking Bottle

Campus Pop-Up Drinking Bottle

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Rosti Mepal - Campus Drinking bottle Pop-Up 275ml

A school and kindergarten cup modern decoration or a trendy colour is ‘cool’ and that’s how kids want to be seen! Rosti Mepal perceived this as early as 1983. Since then, generations of kids have taken their drinks in Rosti Mepal school products without making a mess. The pop up bottle seals well, can be easily cleaned and can take a bit of rough handling! And a constant update of the most popular decorations and colour makes sure that you are always ‘in’!

Just press and drink. By pressing on the cap the drink bottle opens easily. A handy clip comes with the pop-up drink bottle so that you can hang it on your belt or bag. Should a few drops pour inadvertently out of the spout, then at least the inside of your school bag remains dry!

Type of material: ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, PP Polypropylene


Additional product information

Capacity 275 ml / 9,5 oz
Höhe 169 mm
Durchmesser 72 mm

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