We are with your child on the first day of school. We are also with the summer beach vacation with it. And we are there when you make a trip or a picnic. Or just when you make yourself comfortable at home with a few treats. We are always there.







Already for 60 years


Since the 1950s we have been producing sophisticated plastic products for food storage. As a result, we have been with many beautiful moments so far. Because our products are timeless. Did you know that our basic tableware has been around since 1976? And maybe you have already used our lunch box as a child? Or your own child? After all, our school series has existed for more than 30 years!



Timelessly beautiful

Mepal has a long tradition in developing and producing products. Immediately after its founding in the mid-fifties, Mepal began to design its own products. And even then we were convinced that great, good products take time and that you can only develop them from the inside out. We are still here today. Inspired by the tradition of the Bauhaus era, Mepal has developed its very own, clear design style over the years; Everything should be functional, simple and timeless.




With pride "made in Holland"


We are particularly proud that most of our products are produced in the Netherlands. In Lochem to be precise that is in the province of Gelderland. On-site production is anything but taken for granted these days. We also design our own products. This ensures that we are always close to our customers. In addition, we work closely with social institutions in many areas. Because we also want to do our part to make the world a little better.